Nail Polish, Nail Lacquers, Collections and Swatches that feature the Color Blue.

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Revlon Radiant Bright Blue Glitter Nails

Revlon Radiant is one of my favorite nail polish's that I currently have in my collection! Revlon Radiant is a nail polish with silver, blue and green glitter and also with hexagon shapes in the mix. Using it alone comes out a bit too sheer…
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Cute Blue Toes with Flower Nail Art

// Take a look at these cute toes with flowers on them. The base coat is a sky blue that starts on the top and transitions into the clear nail. Then the white flower on the big toes make this whole pedicure really cute.
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Long Dark Blue Nails - Dark Skin Complexion

// We just love how beautiful this girls dark skin complexion is! Seriously, so pretty! Her dark blue nails almost look purple in a way but they just contrast her beauty perfectly. The silver jewelry that is all over the place…
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OPI Soft Pastel Colors and Polka Dots

OPI is some of our favorite nail polish around. Look at how wonderful these soft pastel colors are from OPI. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); The green, pink, purple and blue pastels from OPI are the perfect…
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Galaxy Nails with Black, Blue and Purple Nail Polish

// I feel like I'm looking at outer space right now. These nails remind me of the galaxy and they just look so cool. You will see there is black nail polish as the base and then you can see various shades of blue, purple and even…
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Out by the Sea Nails Theme - White & Blue Nail Art

Come sail away, come sail away, come sail away with me! Hey girls! I wanted to show you girls what I call my "Out by the Sea" Nails where I used a white base coat and then used a blue nail polish on top of it. Since it's summer time…