China Glaze Ghoul’s Night Out Collection

China Glaze Ghoul’s Night Out Collection


Check out the brand new China Glaze Ghoul’s Night Out Collection, that is now in stock, which is perfect for this coming Halloween Season. Nail My Polish currently has all the information you need for this brand new collection right here so you don’t need to go anywhere else to find the most current news on China Glaze Ghoul’s Night Out. First off, what a cool concept for a Halloween themed collection. Each swatch and nail polish is uniquely “scary” in it’s own way that will have all the ghoul’s and witches partying up a storm when you enter the room. China Glaze Ghoul’s Night Out is a much smaller collection than we are use to seeing from major nail lacquer brands but it’s wrapped nice and tight to keep you wanting more.

China Glaze Ghouls Night Out Swatches


Ghoul’s Night Out features a total of six different swatches which is plenty to keep your nails fresh this fall season and to stay hip to the haunted house, Halloween type seen.

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Now all of the China Glaze Ghouls Night Out Swatches are perfectly done in our opinion when it comes to this specific theme, but we do have a few we enjoy the most.

Nail My Polish Favorites:


  • Drink Up Witches – We love the bright neon green this swatch has. It is such an amazingly, vibrant color that would look great for any occasion.
  • Lady And The Vamp – It seems hard these days to find a solid orange nail lacquer and Lady and the Vamp is spot-on for an orange polish.
  • Looking Bootiful – Have you seen a better looking purple nail polish? We think not.

Those happen to be the three solid colors in this collection and we just happen to love all three of them. We do enjoy the rest of the collection as well and think all six of the Ghoul’s Night Out shades are themed to perfection. If you are looking for a nail lacquer this Halloween Season, you have to look at The Ghoul’s Night Out Collection by China Glaze.

Ghouls Night Out 2 Piece Nail Art Kits

Like most collections, China Glaze has two different Nail Art/Polish Kits that compliment the Ghouls Night Out Collection.

  • No Bones About It Nail Art Kit
  • Itsy Bitsy Spider Nail Polish Kit

Each kit has it’s own fun things you can do to your nails like nail art that resembles spider webs or even some cute little skulls to fit the haunted theme even more.

China Glaze Ghouls Night Out 2 Piece Nail Art Kit – No Bones About It


No Bones About It is a great 2 Piece Nail Art Kit that is from the China Glaze Ghouls Night Out Collection. No Bones About It nourishes deeply, fades away any uneven pigmentation in your nails and also protects your nails from any environmental stressors.

China Glaze Ghouls Night Out 2 Piece Nail Polish Kit – Itsy Bitsy Spider


Itsy Bitsy Spider is also a great 2 Piece Nail Polish Kit that is part of the Ghouls Night Out Collection by China Glaze. The great thing about Itsy Bitsy Spider is the fact that it gently exfoliates any dead skin cells, helps stimulate circulation for detoxifying impurities and wastes and also can be used for your hands, feet & body. Itsy Bitsy Spider is a well themed kit!

Now that we have discussed the kits in the Ghouls Night Out Collection, let’s go over and review the swatches, shades & nail lacquers featured in this China Glaze Collection. We created our own custom images for this collection, just like we did for the OPI Hello Kitty Collection, so feel free to share this on Pinterest or any other social media platform.

Cackle If You Want To


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A spooky purple and black glitter

China Glaze Cackle If You Want To is the perfect swatch to start out with in the Ghouls Night Out Collection. When you think of witches and haunted houses or anything scary for that matter, you think of certain colors. Cackle If You Want To is a perfectly spooky type of color that will have you in the Halloween Spirit immediately after applying it. The purple in this polish is very prevalent but there is plenty of black glitter also featured in this swatch that will have all the foes cackling.

Drink Up Witches


A freaky neon Frankenstein green cream

Drink Up Witches! This has to be our favorite name out of any of the swatches in this collection. China Glaze Drink Up Witches is by far our favorite color in this collection because it is a fun, bright neon green polish that will looks good on your fingers and toes. When you think of a slimy witches concoction, you think of this color of green. Drink Up Witches is also a cream, it literally reminds us of candy when applied to our nails.

Lady And The Vamp


A smashing neon pumpkin cream

China Glaze Lady and the Vamp is another amazing swatch from the Ghouls Night Out Collection. Right away, you will be reminded of a Pumpkin because that is how orange this shade happens to be. When you think of fall you think of two major things, Halloween and Pumpkins. Lady And The Vamp will look so nice on your nails as you hold your Pumpkin Spiced Latte up in the air this season! Very beautiful shade of orange that you are not going to be able to replicate outside of this collection.

Something’s Brewing


A monstrous green and black glitter

Something’s Brewing by China Glaze is the poster child of The Ghoul’s Night Out Themed Collection. It’s almost like a gross color the way it is mixed together and would only look good for the Halloween season. I can’t imagine wearing Something’s Brewing for any other reason than dressing up in a costume or going to a haunted house. They nailed it with this monstrous green, and I happen to see hints of yellow specs inside it as well. Something’s Brewing would look amazing over a white base-coat in our opinion.

Looking Bootiful



A mysterious neon purple cream

Once again we have hit one of our favorite nail swatches from the Ghouls Night Out Collection, China Glaze Looking Bootiful. First off, the name is amazing. Looking Bootiful is a vibrant, neon purple that, when applied, has a nice creamy finish that will appease to any nails. It’s hard to find that perfect purple but China Glaze nailed it with Looking Bootiful in our honest opinion.

Ghostess With The Mostess


A haunting multi-colored confetti glitter

We like to think of Ghostess With The Mostess as a dooms-day confetti type nail topper. Imagine if you had a bag of confetti, but it was all spooky colors, that is what Ghoestess With The Mostess resembles. China Glaze Ghouls Night Out is a very specific theme and Ghostess With The Mostess fits that bill precisely. This is another swatch that is going to look great on top of a white base-coat and will definitely fit your Halloween party this year.

China Glaze Ghouls Night Out Review

When it comes to collections we like to base it on how well the swatches look and how well the nail lacquers go with the theme. We think China Glaze did a perfect job with Ghouls Night Out and that all six of these nail lacquers fit the bill to perfection. Each one of these nail polish colors reminds us of the spooky, haunted house, Halloween theme and for that China Glaze did a tremendous job.

We hope you enjoyed our review on the China Glaze Ghoul’s Night Out Collection and we encourage you to share this with your friends! Thank you!

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