Christmas Nail Art Designs – 47 Christmas Nail Art Designs To Inspire You

We have found 47 more awesome Christmas Nail Art Designs and Christmas Nail Art Ideas to get you inspired!


We originally created a Christmas Nail Art Post that turned out to be massively popular with currently over 25,000 shares on social media so we decided to give you even more christmas nail art designs.

These 47 Christmas Nail Art Designs are all new and fresh ideas that we haven’t posted previously and we wanted to share them with you. All of these designs were found from various sources so make sure to visit them when you are done checking out this post for more creative ideas.

We really tried to find some more abstract and more creative ideas that focused on more colors and options than our previous post. You will see various colors and some beautiful works of christmas art that will have you inspired.

We were so inspired just writing this post for you guys and hope you really enjoy these. We took some serious time to find our favorites. We didn’t just pick random designs, we picked the very best in our opinion.

We hope you enjoy these Christmas Nail Art Designs!

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The video above is from our Best Christmas Nails for 2016.

47 Christmas Nail Art Designs

Red Base with Silver Polka Dots

This is a very pretty and very simple way to have christmas themed nails for the holiday this year. The red base coat is a darker shade of red with a bit of shine to it, and the polka dots are a silver polish.

red silver polka dot christmas nails


Red and White Glitter Christmas Nail Art

If you want to celebrate the christmas season but don’t want all the glitz and glamour, this is the perfect manicure. It’s basically just glittery red and sparkly white nail polish. Throw on a top coat and you are done!



Red and Green Christmas Bows French Tips

This is so cute! Instead of your typical French Tip Manicure, why not add green and red christmas bows to it?



Essie Light Blue Snowman and Polka Dots

If you are tired of seeing red and green, then you can sport a nail design like this. Essie makes some beautiful shades of nail polish and this light blue lacquer with the white snowman looks great.


source: @thedotcouture

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