Christmas Nail Art – 31 Christmas Nail Art Designs

Looking for Christmas Nail Art? We have compiled the Best Christmas Nail Art so you can be inspired to make your christmas nails this holiday season look better than ever!

Christmas is one of our favorite holidays for nail art because it gives you so many colors to work with and so many great ideas associated with the holiday.

When you think of Christmas Nail Art, you think of certain colors like red and green.

You may also associate snowflakes, Santa Claus, holly, mistletoe, Christmas Tree’s or even presents!

Christmas Time is all about friends, family and being thankful for what you do have in life.

It also gives you the opportunity to show off your nails with the Christmas Spirit to all the people you will see this year.

This is why we wanted to find the very Best Christmas Nail Art that we could find across the web to help you become inspired and create some wonderful nail designs.

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The video above is from our Best Christmas Nails for 2016.



sparkly christmas nail art wreath

source: (found on pinterest)

This one is great! It covers all the essentials that you think of when you hear the word Christmas. You have ornaments, a wreath, lights, holly and a Christmas Tree! The base-coat is a gold glitter and it looks fabulous. The other main colors in this manicure is green and red.

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