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Nude Color Nails – 25 Best Nude Nail Polish Manicures

Nude Color Nails are becoming more and more popular ever since women have been taking on more professional roles in the workforce and need something nice for their nails, but subtle.

However, don’t be mistaken when it comes to nude color nails because they are also some of the prettiest shades we have ever seen.

If nude nail polish is something you are on the fence about, then please take a look at all the pretty nude color nails we have found below and just how creative you can get with this basic shade of polish.


There is definitely a certain type of girl who loves nude nail polish and definitely the type of girl who doesn’t.

If you are into hot pink shades or more neon fun shades, there is a good chance you are going to avoid nude nail polish like the plague. Another common misconception is only older women like nude nail polish which is simply not true.

Many celebrities have sported nude color nails on multiple occasions like the Hollywood Red Carpet or even for their movie premiers.

Nude nails are such a great way to keep your nails looking fresh while also keeping people from being distracted so they can gaze your beautiful outfit instead.

Nude Color Nails

All the nude color nails below are featured as manicures but nude nail polish also looks great on the toes. You can get a very nice professional pedicure using a nude nail lacquer.

For instance, if you are wearing flashy heels you may want to contrast them with a nude colored nail polish.

Also, wearing a nude nail color on your toes will keep your whole look more fluid and people will view the whole body from head to toe.

There are actually many different companies that makes nude swatches that may look better for your type of skin complexion.

Whether you have a fair skin tone or even a darker skin tone, you should be able to find the perfect shade of nude nail polish that makes your nails and you happy.

Let’s take a look at some of the very best nude color nails we could find!

Nude Chevron Nail Art with White & Glitter

We wanted to start off this post by showing you how a nude manicure can also feature other colors and designs making it fabulous. The majority of the nails feature a nude base coat and the other nail has a matte white base coat. The nail with the chevron pattern looks so crisp and professional and we love the silver glitter.

nude nail polish design chevron silver white


CND Shellac Field Fox and Ice Vapor

This is a very simple nude manicure to pull off, all you need is two different types of nail lacquer to accomplish this. The two nail polish’s that are used in this beautiful, simple nude nail polish manicure are CND Shellac Field Fox and CND Ice Vapor.

cnd shellac field fox ice vapor nude nails

source: caoimhe o’ brien (pinterest)

Long Nude Nails and Sparkly Glitter

These long nude nails are very beautiful and her hands are also extremely well moisturized and tan. We also love the contrasting sparkly glitter nail that gives this manicure some depth.

long nude nails professional sparkly glitter

source: (pinterest)

Elegant Pretty Nude Nails with Fishnet Pattern

This is a very well done nude manicure in our opinion. The fishnet design pattern looks absolutely perfect and is a brilliant idea. We would describe these nails as elegant and absolutely beautiful. The little tiny accents inside the fishnet pattern is a very nice touch.

nude nail color fishnet pattern

source: @noemihk on instagram

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