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OPI Venice Collection 2015 Review, Buy


OPI Venice is a brand new collection that just came out that will have you rushing to get a seat inside a Gondola. If that isn’t your thing you can also indulge yourself in some Gelato because this Italian inspired Venice Collection is quite amazing and has many cool new shade of nail polish that will have you wanting to vacation in Europe. The OPI Venice Collection features 15 unique Nail Lacquers that come in the classic nail polish style and also the gel color version so whatever your preference is, OPI Venice will accommodate you.

Now what we really like about The OPI Venice Collection is the names of all of their nail lacquers. Every single nail polish in this collection seems to have an Italian inspired theme which we love. For example, Gelato On My Mind has the word Gelato in it which is a very Italian styled type of ice-cream. Or how about I Cannoli Wear OPI having the word Cannoli in it makes me want one! OPI did an amazing job figuring out the names of these polishes and they very strongly represent Italy and more importantly, Venice.

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OPI Venice Collection Nail Lacquers

There is a total of 15 Nail Lacquers in The Entire OPI Venice Collection and they all seem to share one thing in common, their uniqueness and Venice inspired names. We definitely enjoy the majority of these and are happy about the types of shades that are offered in this collection. When you are a big company like OPI, it becomes harder and harder coming out with these themes and collections because you have so many nail polishes to chose from already. We think they nailed it with The Venice Collection and we think you will agree with us.

Venice Collection Nail Polish Names

  • OPI A Great Opera-tunity
  • OPI Amore at the Grand Canal
  • OPI Baroque But Still Shopping
  • OPI Be There in a Prosecco
  • OPI Gelato On My Mind
  • OPI Gimme A Lido Kiss
  • OPI I Cannoli Wear OPI
  • OPI It’s A Piazza Cake
  • OPI My Gondola or Yours?
  • OPI O Suzi Mio
  • OPI Purple Palazzo Pants
  • OPI St. Marks the Spot
  • OPI Tiramisu for Two
  • OPI Venice the Party?
  • OPI Worth a Pretty Penne

As you can see, all of these names are definitely inspired by Italian and Venice culture making them even more awesome. There is no doubt in our mind that you will love at least one of the colors, almost impossible not to considering some of these are very subtle and more simple than your typical theme inspired collection.

OPI Venice Collection Release Date

OPI can be found at almost all online vendors at this point in time, we are unsure if the brick and mortar locations have OPI Venice Collection for sale yet.

  • OPI Venice Collection Release Date: August 2015 (Has been Released Online)

OPI Venice Collection Swatches

We compiled all the swatches from The OPI Venice Collection 2015 for you to make it easier to figure out which color you like the best. starting with the left column and then followed by the right column, here are all the OPI Venice Swatches for 2015.

  • OPI A Great Opera-tunity Swatch, OPI Be There in a Prosecco Swatch, OPI My Gondola or Yours? Swatch, OPI Amore at the Grand Canal Swatch, OPI Purple Palazzo Pants Swatch, OPI St. Marks the Spot Swatch, OPI Gelato On My Mind Swatch, OPI Baroque But Still Shopping Swatch, OPI It’s A Piazza Cake Swatch, OPI Tiramisu for Two Swatch, OPI I Cannoli Wear OPI Swatch, OPI Gimme A Lido Kiss Swatch, OPI O Suzi Mio Swatch, OPI Venice the Party? Swatch, and OPI Worth a Pretty Penne Swatch.


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What’s your favorite Swatch?

Our favorites would have to be:

  • Gelato On My Mind
  • Venice the Party?
  • Gimme A Lido Kiss

We do like all of these swatches but those are our favorites.

A Great Opera-tunity


OPI A Great Opera-tunity is a melon colored nail polish which has a creme finish. This is a very basic colored nail lacquer and gives off more of a fall vibe if anything. A Great Opera-tunity is more of a nude type of nail lacquer so you could pull this off in a business setting or in the office. It does show very nicely on your nails and you will enjoy this subtle, melon creme nail polish.

Amore at the Grand Canal


OPI Amore at the Grand Canal is a wonderful red colored nail lacquer that real comes off as a deep, darker red color. This is an incredible nail polish if you are looking for a more sexy red nail polish and definitely will look good with any outfit. Amore at the Grand Canal is the definition of romance that will just keep your nails and yourself in the mood.

Baroque But Still Shopping


Hopefully you are not “Broke” but still shopping for more nail polish but we do love this name! Baroque But Still Shopping by OPI is one of the limited edition nail lacquers in this 2015 Venice Collection and it’s beautiful. It has such a nice shimmer and glitter to it, you will feel like there is real gold on your nails after applying this one. You will feel richer wearing Baroque But Still Shopping which is kind of ironic considering the name. Great name, great polish.

Be There in a Prosecco


Be There in a Prosecco by OPI is a wonderful opaque creme colored nail polish shade. This isn’t really our style, it’s almost like a white colored polish but it still looks very nice. If you want a simple creme nail polish color, this is perfect for you then.

Gelato On My Mind


If you read above, OPI Gelato On My Mind is by far one of our favorites. First off, we love Gelato and Gelato is DEFINITELY always on our minds here at Nail My Polish. Gelato is delicious and this shade of polish definitely represents the perfect flavor of Gelato in our mind. This shade of light blue looks amazing and will keep your nails looking icy-cool. This blue pastel color is going to look so beautiful on your nails no matter what complexion your skin tone is. Beautiful!

Gimme A Lido Kiss


Who doesn’t want a kiss from time to time? Gimme A Lido Kiss by OPI is a wonderful shade that sort of holds together this entire Venice Collection. Red is always a dominant color and a wonderful shade to wear on your fingernails and toenails which seems to always grant you respect. It’s going to be hard to keep your significant others hands off you when you are wearing Gimme A Lido Kiss. Perfect name for this polish.

I Cannoli Wear OPI


Instant Winner! When you add the word Cannoli into anything you have won in our book. I Cannoli Wear OPI is literally like the cream inside the hand-made cannoli’s our grandma use to make us when we were little kids. Cannoli’s are such an Italian desert dish that they would have been stupid not to make this into a shade of nail lacquer. OPI I Cannoli Wear OPI is the perfect shade of creamy gray that you are going to fall in love with.

It’s A Piazza Cake


So OPI likes to classify It’s A Piazza Cake as a “persimmon creme” but let’s face it, it looks Orange. It’s a Piazza Cake does sort of look like pizza sauce but it’s kind of a stretch. However, this is a very good orange colored nail polish and if you are not orange colored polishes this is for you. It’s definitely a more creamy finish which may be a perfect shade to implement for this years Halloween season.

My Gondola or Yours?


Very creative with the name on this one! My Gondola or Yours? is literally the best name in this entire Venice Collection by OPI. When you hear the word Gondola you instantly think of Venice, there is no other place associated in the slightest. Even at The Venetian in Las Vegas you can enjoy a Italian Inspired Gondola Ride which is fantastic. Now we are unsure how the color exactly relates but we do love the color. Luscious black is the best way to describe this nail polish and you are going to love this if you like black shades.

O Suzi Mio


Mama Mia! O Suzi Mio! OPI described O Suzi Mio as a “delicious shade of eggplant” which is pretty spot on color-wise. This is a darker shade of purple which contrasts their lighter shade of purple that is also featured in this collection, Purple Palazzo Pants (which is directly under this one). We think saying this is more of a grape color is fair and if you love these types of shades, you will definitely want to try out O Suzi Mio.


Purple Palazzo Pants


We mentioned Las Vegas above during our review of “My Gondola or Yours?” and since we love Vegas so much we will mention it again! The Palazzo is the property right next to The Venetian in Vegas and this polish from OPI is called Purple Palazzo Pants! Very fitting since this is The Venice Collection after all and we love the light shade of purple. This is a very fun color of nail polish that you are going to fall in love with the second your nails dry.

St. Marks the Spot


St. Marks the Spot is another limited edition nail lacquer in The Venice Collection and it looks ravishing. Feel like royalty while wearing this deep, royal blue polish that has such a shiny finish that looks fantastic. Take a look at the swatch above to get a better feel for it but you are definitely going to want this one if you enjoy blue nail polish colors. They hit it out of the park with this nail polish color.

Tiramisu for Two


Ah, another desert flavored nail polish! OPI Tiramisu for Two is a brilliant, sweet coffee cream color. This definitely reminds us of the Italian Desert, Tiramisu, and we think it will have you craving for it the moment you apply it on your nails. Some creams don’t really stand out but Tiramisu for Two is very unique in it’s shade and makes for a great conversation.

Venice the Party?


OPI Venice the Party? is the staple of this collection. Scroll up and look at the OPI Venice The Party Swatch above and see how it appears to be an ocean type color or maybe a majestic swimming pool. OPI Venice the Party is definitely a turquoise type shade of bluish green that is breathtaking. They describe it as an aquamarine which is a perfect analogy because it honestly looks like a color you would see while away at sea. Venice the Party is also a limited edition color in The Venice Collection 2015 so make sure you get your hands on it before it vanishes.

Worth a Pretty Penne


Another great play on words and actually pretty creative, Worth a Pretty Penne is definitely shade like a copper, bronze color and the way they spelled “Penne” insinuates a type of pasta common in Italian culture. This is a wonderful copper shade of nail lacquer and has a shimmery finish that will shine under the sunlight. It honestly looks like a new, shiny penny so we think OPI nailed t with this one.

Buy OPI Venice Collection 2015 Online

Of course if you click on any of the hyperlinks above you will be taken to the product pages of these nail lacquers where you will find more information and exactly where to purchase this collection. You can also Buy The OPI Venice Collection Online where it will be much less expensive then buying it at a retail store.

We tried to be as in-depth as possible and we hope you enjoyed our write-up on The Venice Collection by OPI. Please share this on your favorite social media accounts and thank you so much for visiting Nail My Polish!

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