Nail Polish, Nail Lacquers, Collections and Swatches that feature the Color Purple.

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Soft Purple Pretty Fingernails

// Check out these very pretty purple pastel looking nails. We really love the solid purple color on the outer nails and then the white base coat with the purple design on top. Very pretty and very cute!
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Beautiful Powder Perfect Black Birds Nail Art

// This is just some of the coolest displays of nail art I have ever seen. The base coat is by Powder Perfect which is a soft purple color. This color seems to be in the middle of the nail and the top and bottom is more of a gray…
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OPI Soft Pastel Colors and Polka Dots

OPI is some of our favorite nail polish around. Look at how wonderful these soft pastel colors are from OPI. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); The green, pink, purple and blue pastels from OPI are the perfect…
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Galaxy Nails with Black, Blue and Purple Nail Polish

// I feel like I'm looking at outer space right now. These nails remind me of the galaxy and they just look so cool. You will see there is black nail polish as the base and then you can see various shades of blue, purple and even…
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Beautiful Purple Gradient Nails

Check out these beautiful purple gradient nails that just look amazing. You can slightly see the white base coat that is under the purple nails if you look very closely which is why the color pops and looks so good. (adsbygoogle…
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Neon Nail Polish - 21 Best Neon Color Nail Polish

I love Neon Nail Polish! I decided to paint my fingers and toes with a neon yellow nail polish and that inspired me to find 23 of the Best Neon Color Nail Polish Designs! Neon Nail Polish is perfect for most seasons, especially during the…