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Top 10 OPI Designer Series Nail Lacquers


We have compiled our Top 10 OPI Designer Series Nail Lacquers and we think you will love them! OPI creates amazing nail polishes and has some of the best nail lacquer shades you could ever dream of. OPI created the Designer Series with a certain agenda in mind and that is to feel luxurious! All of their selections in the OPI Designer Series seemed amazing so it was hard to narrow down the top 10 but we did anyways to satisfy you guys. You will see that there is most definitely a variety of colors to pick and chose from in this series but they all seem to have one thing in common. They shimmer! If you enjoy a nice shimmer or a glittery type of nail polish, than the OPI Designer Series seems like the perfect match for your taste.

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Here is our Top 10 OPI Designer Series Nail Lacquers:

  • OPI Designer Series Bold
  • OPI Designer Series Classic
  • OPI Designer Series Extravagance
  • OPI Designer Series Lapis
  • OPI Designer Series Luxurious
  • OPI Designer Series Mystery
  • OPI Designer Series Pewter
  • OPI Designer Series Radiance
  • OPI Designer Series Titanium

Honestly, we like all of the nail lacquers in this series, even the Top Coat they offer, however we did have to decide on 10 of these so we chose our favorite colors and finishes. This list is not in any particular order so we just kept it alphabetical. Please know that this is also our opinion here at Nail My Polish and your preferences may differ.

OPI Designer Series Bold


Bold is beautiful! Bold contains a wonderful variety of pinks and reds to create a wonderful color and also has a shimmer for a finish. We may be a little biased because who doesn’t love any nail polish that is red? All’s I’m saying is Bold was a very easy choice for our Top 10 List.

OPI Designer Series Classic


Classic is about as good as it gets! OPI Classic is a wonderful golden brown shade of nail polish with a metallic, shimmery finish. We like to think of Classic as the “Las Vegas” type nail polish style because you will feel like going on a night at the town when you apply this shade on. Classic is a perfect name for this polish and if you enjoy a darker, golden nail lacquer you will love Classic!

OPI Designer Series Extravagance


It’s time to feel Extravagant with Extravagance! Whats a wonderful shade of purple that has a brilliant shimmer also! This is such a beautiful shade of a dark, but not too dark, shade of purple that will honestly make you feel extravagant! Extravagance is to be worn when you are going out on a special occasion and want to feel like a star.

OPI Designer Series Lapis


Imagine floating in the ocean at night and seeing the bright stars reflect the water. This is what Lapid by OPI makes us think of! Such a beautiful deep sapphire blue color of nail lacquer that will have your friends jealous! Obviously Lapis was going to make our Top 10 List because it is such a passionate shade of blue that you can’t even come close to finding elsewhere. Every time you look and your nails you are going to be reminded of a beautiful deep pool of brilliance.

OPI Designer Series Luxurious


I would say this is the staple of The OPI Designer Series, Luxurious. This whole series of nail lacquers makes you feel luxurious so how proper that they actually have a shade of nail polish called Luxurious. It’s actually hard to describe this shade because it has many hints of colors in it, like reds, oranges and even some pinks. It also has a wonderful shimmer finish that will honestly have you feeling luxurious. Good call OPI!

OPI Designer Series Mystery



It seems we have stumbled upon a mystery! No, not a scary mystery a brilliant Mystery! OPI Mystery is such an awesome color of nail lacquer and we might crown this one as our favorite in the entire Designer Series. It just screams midnight darkness and that dark purple nothingness you see when you look into the universe at night. Such a wonderfully designed nail polish and the shade represents us humans as a whole universe. We really love this Mystery and have no plans on solving it!

OPI Designer Series Pewter


I remember as a kid having a Monopoly Board Game that was a limited edition set that had all the game pieces made of Pewter. So Pewter has also been seen as a luxury item for me and I think many of you will agree with that fact. OPI Pewter is such a cool, metal looking, shade of nail polish that will make anybody impressed that sets their eyes on your nails. This is probably the most fancy nail lacquer in the entire Designer Series and we love this shade of black and some gray that even has a nice little shimmer. Perfect for being professional and also great for a special night out.

OPI Designer Series Radiance


We may have lied a little above because Radiance could easily be our favorite too! OPI Radiance is the perfect shade of silver that sparkles when struck by light. It reminds us of that awesome silver sharpie you can buy that athletes use to sign autographs and such. This color is so breathtaking and will be noticed by everyone in the room because your body will exude Radiance!

OPI Designer Series Titanium


Titanium is great! Simple as that. Titanium is a really good name for this polish because it has the sublet variations in color that a sheet of Titanium would have. It has almost like a glimmer of greens and silver that form this nail lacquer as very unique. By far one of the coolest polishes we have seen in this series and another one of our favorites. OPI Designer Series Titanium is a brilliant color and will look good in almost every outfit.